Skills and experience that help businesses develop their Software & IT Systems.

About Me

I am a hands-on software, web & app consultant with many years' experience working with organisations of all sizes. My passion is working with smaller businesses, building a relationship and helping them on a regular basis by contributing skills, ideas, experience, hard work and a commitment to success.

I provide a wide range of technical and development skills backed up with strong commercial, management and business-development experience.

I help businesses grow.

Key Achievements

  • I designed and developed an enterprise level manufacturing execution system then managed team of developers to continue development of that system.
  • I provided a significant contribution to the design and development of an existing enterprise level scheduling and workforce management system, working closely with the Chief Architect of that system.
  • I have worked as a self employed consultant continuously for over 7 years.

Why I can help

I started with a background in Systems Analysis and during my career I have designed and developed complex computer systems, worked as a Technology Executive managing and contributing at Board level and for the last few years worked as an independent Consultant.

I have experience in a range of technologies and I strive to keep up to date with the latest tools, ideas and approaches.

My Management and Board experience give me an understanding of the complex and strategic decision making necessary to enable businesses to be successful and the effort and focus required to achieve long term goals.

I’ve worked with a range of organisations, from a small two-man business working from home to large international companies with turnover in excess of €1 billion.

During that time I have become experienced and proficient in a wide range of business and technical areas many of which can be applied to organisations of all sizes.

My Skills & Experience

    Software, Web & App Development Skills

    • Experienced Software Architect.
    • Designer of large scale business critical systems.
    • Expert in Database design and development.
    • Skilled in MVC, HTML, CSS & ASP.NET Web technologies
    • Skilled using Microsoft .NET (C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET).
    • Many years experience with MS SQL Server & Oracle.
    • Skilled in App Development using Xamarin.

    Web & Marketing Skills

    • Experienced designing & building websites.
    • Strong understanding of Marketing and Business promotion.
    • Ability to generate good quality marketing & web content.
    • Graphic and User Interface skills.
    • Technical skills to develop modern, SEO friendly websites.
    • Skilled with WordPress website tools.
    • Can advise on Domain and Website hosting issues.
    • Experience with Abobe Photoshop & Illustrator

    Business & Personal Skills

    • Experienced in Business Development.
    • Degree in Systems Analysis.
    • Worked with organisations of all sizes.
    • Technical Executive with Board experience.
    • Range of skills in different business areas.
    • Highly developed analytical and problem solving skills.
    • Good interpersonal skills and team-working abilities.
    • Ability to communicate with people at all levels.
    • Capable of managing multiple tasks and meeting deadlines.
    • Strong Project Management skills.
    • Familiar with a range of Project Management methods.

    Industry Knowledge

    • Software & IT services.
    • Workforce Scheduling & Planning.
    • Human Resources.
    • Healthcare.
    • Manufacturing including ERP, MRP.
    • Incident Management.
    • Security & Manned Guarding solutions.
    • Time & Attendance solutions.

    How I can help you

    Software, App and Web Development

    If you are working on a software product or would like to add a new product or App to your product range, I can provide design and development assistance to make that happen.

    Website Improvement

    Would you like your website to look better, work better and deliver more for your business? I can help make the changes to ensure your website achieves the goals you want.

    Software Testing

    Could your software benefit from some additional software testing expertise and time? I can help check for issues your development team don’t have the time to find.

    Software Documentation

    I can assist you with the creation of documentation for your software products which is often a task that many smaller businesses don’t have time or resources to do.

    Project Management

    Do you need assistance with planning or execution of a small, medium or large scale IT project or would you benefit from an external perspective to assess an existing project plan?

    The Cloud

    Are you been thinking about moving your IT infrastructure or services to the Cloud but don’t know where to start? I can help you gain the benefits of cloud based solutions.

    What people say

      I worked with Mike Allerton at Working Pulse Ltd for some four years. As a small, fast growing, software company developing and marketing a sophisticated workforce management software system, the company needed versatile employees capable of providing an all-round contribution to the business. In addition to his excellent programming skills, Mike Allerton proved his capabilities in a number of areas of the business. These ranged from operational management to strategic business development and his previous experience also allowed him to offer valuable input and advice on product pricing and website development. During his time with us Mike also undertook a significant amount of customer support and training, proving himself adept at explaining the system in a clear and understandable manner and handling users at all levels of seniority and system literacy.

    Russell Woolley
    Former Chairman, Working Pulse Ltd.

      I have worked with Mike over the last few years and during that time he contributed immensely to many areas of the business. His wide ranging skills, experience and hard work helped develop the business and its services. He provided valuable experience and perspectives on key business strategies while also contributing to the actual design, development and support of the business’s software solution. His skills made him extremely valuable at an Operational level including areas such as Marketing, Operations, Product Development and Project Management while his experience as a Company Director, adviser to other senior executives and ability to see the big picture brought additional value to board level decision-making helping business development and the growth of the company. His ability to communicate with all parts of the business and its customers, technical or not, allowed him to fit in quickly, support the existing team and his approach, knowledge and experience had a positive impact on other team members and their professional development. I would highly recommend him to other businesses.

    David Baldwin
    Consultant, Former Managing Director, Working Pulse Ltd

      During his employment, Mike was an extremely dedicated, hard-working and honest team member, he was also incredibly good within his discipline including software development, pre-sales consultancy, implementation consultancy, project management and internal MIS. Mike’s positive attitude is to find a successful solution to whatever technical challenge he is given. He will set his sights on the end-goal to ensure it is achieved quickly & effectively and to a high level of quality. I hold Mike in extremely high regard and would highly recommend him for any of the roles that I have mentioned above.

    Jeremy Harford
    Managing Director, Mestec Ltd

    Working together


    The first step is to get together and discuss where I may be able to contribute skills and experience to your project and organisation. Just a chat, no hard sell.


    Depending on your requirements and subject to my availability, we can work on a flexible basis, with hours varying from week to week as necessary.


    If you are looking for some intensive short term assistance or a smaller number of hours per week, but for a longer period of time, I can help.

    Contact Me

        07825 759495